Explosion Seismic Experiment and DAS Observation at Sakurajima

Countdown for the explosion

There was an explosion seismic experiment at Sakurajima at midnight on December 7, 2022. This experiment was conducted by a research group composed chiefly of Kyoto University and JMA under The Second Earthquake and Volcano Hazards Observation and Research Program. From SEVO, Assoc. Prof Emoto and M1 student Hamanaka joined the experiment.

Even in the warm southern prefecture of Kagoshima, it was a cold winter night. But the operation was successful without any trouble.

The DAS observation, which started last month, was finished the day after the explosion experiment.

During the observation period, we recorded various signals by the DAS. We are excited to analyze such data.

Locating the fiber optic cable buried under the road.