DAS Observation at Sakurajima Volcano

November 13, 2022

DAS observation which measures the vibration applied to the fiber optic cable, was started in Sakurajima Volcano. The advantage of the DAS observation is the dense measurement points, so this observation aims to analyze the vibration related to the volcanic activity and the volcanic structure.

This observation is supported by the JSPS KAKENHI (principal investigator: Prof. Takeshi Nishimura at Tohoku University. From SEVO, Assoc. Prof Emoto and M1 student Hamanaka joined the observation this time.

We use the 40km long fiber optic cable which circles the Sakurajima Volcano and the 4km long one extending to the mountain. The Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism owns the cable.

We have to find the exact location of the cable buried beneath the road.

An example fo the DAS record. The oblique signal represents the vibration generated by the moving vehicle.